practical and theory tests

Part 1 Theory Test

The theory test calls for a high standard of knowledge. It is a test of 100 multiple choice questions although some questions may require more than one answer. Following the questions a selection of video clips will be shown, revealing developing hazards. The sooner the trainee responds to the hazard, the higher the score.

The overall pass mark for the questions is 85 out of 100 and 57 out of 75 on the hazard perception test.

Both elements must be passed at the same time in order to obtain an overall pass at Part 1.

The test will last approximately 1 hour 45 minutes

Video test with developing hazards
In car practical driving test
Part 2 Practical test of your driving ability.

The practical test of driving ability consists of tests of eyesight, safety questions and driving technique. The test will last for about one hour. All parts of the test must be passed at the same time.
The eyesight test. You must be able to read with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if necessary, a motor vehicle registration at a distance of 26.5 metres with characters of 79 millimetres high and 50 millimetres wide.
Safety questions. Your examiner will ask you to describe how to perform a check on the condition and safety of three components of the vehicle and demonstrate an actual check on the condition of a further two components.
Test of driving ability. This is an advanced driving test and a very high standard of competence is required. You need to show that you have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them. You will be asked to drive on roads which may carry heavy and fast moving traffic and will also cover a range of other road and traffic conditions, including urban and rural areas. There are also four reverse exercises that you will need to perform as well as stopping the vehicle as if in an emergency.
Training. Your training for the Part 2 driving test will be carried out on a 1:1 pupil trainer ratio. Your in-car training can be video recorded with our video drive recording system. We can choose between two camera shots as well as having in car audio. This facility is a useful revision aid when you are approaching test standard. You will be guided through every aspect of the course by your very experienced trainer who is also an advanced driving test examiner. There is a work book which will compliment the course by giving you useful tips and advice on every aspect of advanced driving. With plenty of private practice along with your regular training sessions you will soon develop into a very safe and competent driver, with confidence to pass the Part 2
Part 3. Practical test of your ability to instruct

The practical test of your ability to instruct is designed to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is in two parts, each of which lasts about half an hour. You must pass both parts on the same test. You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and the ability by giving practical driving instruction to the examiner who will take on the role of a pupil who is a:

1. Novice or partly trained pupil.
2. Pupil who is at driving test standard.
3. Qualified driver taking driver development training.

Briefing and visual aids

The examiner will explain everything to you at the time.

You are allowed to use lesson plans training aids and you may refer to brief notes or subject headings but you should not read at length word for word from books. The ‘pupil’ must be given a chance to demonstrate what as been taught, and any faults must be corrected. We supply all your training aids, notes and workbooks as part of your Part 3 course.

You will be expected to maintain control of the lesson, be patient and tactful and give encouragement to the ‘pupil’ at all times. There is no ideal or set answer to this test. What is assessed is the relevance of the instruction for the ability of the pupil and to the particular conditions on the road of the day of the test.

In car video recorded playback
Your training for this part of your course will also be on a 1:1 pupil/trainer ratio, with the option to record all your in car training. A large part of the Part 3 training is carried out using ‘role play’ to simulate the test. Video recording of this element is greatly beneficial to the trainee instructor allowing you to review every part of your training as many times as necessary. We also allow our trainees to observe live lessons to reinforce vital teaching techniques and observe how an experienced Driving Instructor deals with different scenarios. The observations are free and there is no limit the number of times that you use this facility.
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