becoming a driving instructor

Becoming a Driving Instructor

To become an approved Driving Instructor you must:

1. Hold a full UK or European unrestricted car driving licence.

2. Have held it for a total of at least four out of the past six years prior to entering the Register after qualifying.

3. Not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to being entered in the Register.

4. Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered into the Register. All convictions, including motoring offences, still in force will be taken into account.

5. Pass the Register qualifying exams and register within 12 months of doing so.

6. In addition you should be aware that you cannot accompany a person to drive unless you have held a full licence for three years or more and be at least 21 years old.

There are 3 qualifying exams.

1. An IT based theory test

2. A practical test of your driving ability

3. A practical test of your ability to instruct

You must take and pass all 3 examinations in this order and must complete all 3 exams within 2 years of passing the theory test. You are only allowed three attempts at each of the practical tests.

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