How long will it take me to qualify?

The answer to this question will mainly depend upon when you are available to train. Most people undergo training whilst in their present employment which leaves limited time for study. If you were freely available for training then the examination waiting list would be the governing factor. The approximate waiting times are between 3 and 6 weeks for each part.

Can I gain practical experience before taking the part 3 (Ability to Instruct) test?

Yes, there are several possibilities. However although any experience you gain will help you, it is not essential that you follow any of these routes, as your training course will give you all the necessary experience.

Can I run my own driving school as soon as I qualify?

Once you have qualified and paid to be entered onto the register you will be sent an official Certificate of Registration. You can then begin earning money as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor.

Will there be a sufficient number of pupils available when I have qualified?

There is plenty of work if you are good at your job. We offer all the necessary advice and support to help you start your business. Building up a reputation by word of mouth is the best way to generate new business and it is therefore essential that you are trained to a high standard with up-to-date training techniques.

Will I be suitable for this job?

We strongly advise that you come along to see us to discuss your plans and options. We will have an informal discussion about your suitability and allow you to ask any questions you may have. We also advise that you have a "taster" session/assessment which will allow you to expereince and observe our training and give you a "feel" for the job.

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