Pricing scheme. Typical costing for ADI Training Course.
Part 1

£450 includes
1. 10 hours 1:1 (pupil: trainer) tuition.
2. Part 1 Training Manual.
3. All the recommended training publications. (worth approx. £90)

Part 2

£450 includes.
1. 14 hours 1:1 Advanced Driver Training.
2. Part 2 Training Manual.

Part 3

£700 x2 (£1400) includes
1. 40 hours 1:1 training.
2. Part 3 Basic Instruction Manual.
3. Part 3 Topic Guidance Notes.
4. Lesson Plans and Briefing Checklists.
5. Fault Assessment Checklists: to develop DSA core competences.
6. Northern ADI Training visual aids.

Assessment taster session

£50 (fee refunded on completion of full course) includes.
1. 2 hour 1:1 sample of each part of the above courses.
2. The opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of the training or the work of a Driving Instructor.
3. The chance to meet your tutor before committing to a course.

This pricing example is intended as a guide. Each course can be extended or reduced as required and it is possible to create a unique individual programme to meet your needs. Programmes may be amended during a course if necessary.

Each part of the course is paid for individually. You only pay for each part as you start it!

Help and advice can be given to turn your career dream into reality with a DfES Career Development Loan. Ask for more details at your assessment meeting.

Check Test Preparation
£34 per hour.
Career Development Training
£34 per hour.
All major credit cards accepted
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